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I'll start by saying first that at my work place they do not know I am a Muslim - its just a fact of my life right now and until I get to a higher level of faith its just going to have to stay that way. If any of you reading this ( well if there is anyone reading this) object to my not informing the world about my conversion you should probably stop reading my blog because it will have a lot of content on this subject. So moving on ...
The guy comes walking into my office to drop off a piece of paper on my desk, does so and then proceeds to look out the window of the office, something he does quite frequently. As I continue my work and think he's gotten lost in the scenery, turns around and says: " Do you celebrate Christmas?" Ack...gasp, I try to think of an answer quickly and not have my face flush red (which it does very quickly I might add). " Well my family comes together at this time yeah" was my answer, I thought it was a fairly good one, until he comes back and says: "no I mean do you believe in Christmas are you a Christian?" Oh good grief, face turns read, mind starts racing with the possible outcomes of this conversation - not one are good. "Ah well no, not religiously, we don't celebrate it, haven't gone to Church in years" I desperately hope his next question is not : "What is your religion?" Which is almost exactly what he did say, but phrased it: " Aren't you a Catholic?" I smile and say: "No" and hope that is the end of it! It was.
Now, you have to understand that it is not my intention in life to deny I am a Muslim, but in certain situations I don't want to reveal what I practice. Is that really something blameworthy? Some have said yes, basically its a 'lie by omission' idea. Perhaps, but its not an intentional lie - if that makes sense.
Now back to this guy whoi s still standing in my office. He somehow got onto the subject of religions, and what each practice - I wasn't listening too closely to him, but my head shot up when he said something about; " you know that black chunk of rock..." Up comes my head from my papers, "Oh the one Muslims walk around... yeah I know and actually you know what that really is, its a place that Abraham had rebuilt, and some say that there is even some history of Adam and Eve linked to that site..." I was kind of rambling and not making too much sense at this point, but I just got so excited that he had asked about it and I had a chance to respond. He did stop me and say: " oh but they don't believe in the 'same' Adam and Eve as we do." I exclaimed: " Yes they do, and in Abraham, Moses, and Jesus." His prolific reply, "you don't say?" Then the conversation turned somewhat a different direction and trailed off, but I had felt so great that I was able to tell him these things.
I realized that he really did not know that Muslims share a common history, that yes its the same Adam and Eve!!
I can't help but wonder if this small conversation had at least sightly opened up his mind - well probably not because this guy is too set in his ways, he is not really for any organized religion. You never know though, people can sometimes surprise you - I know that was true for myself.

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Ammena said...

alhamdulillah.. good on you sis, I love to share knowledge too, especially when ppl are being so ignorant. Ive never heard 'not the same adam & eve' before though, its usually not the same God. insha'allah there will be many conversations like this, so you can fill people in on what they choose to not listen to.


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