Fajr Prayer - Quiet reflection

There is something peaceful about waking up early dawn to perform Fajr (early morning prayer). It just feels so right in waking up and giving thanks to your creator, giving thanks that you are able to open your eyes and see another new day. For me personally I find that these small moments in time are the ones to cherish. When there is no noise from the outside world, no noise from inside the house; this is when your soul is at peace - a time to talk to God.
It only takes five minutes to perform the prayer but I have to admit that it feels much longer than that. I feel as though there is nothing in the world, only the room, myself and God - isn't that how it should be? How wonderful is it that Islam gives you a chance to be in contact with God. Just think about it, you have an opportunity to do this five times a day, five times you are given the chance to ask for repentance, ask for help!

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once compared it to a stream running by a house. "If a person were to wash in the stream," he said, "five times a day, would any dirt remain on his body?" "None," replied his Companions. And he remarked, "So it is with the five daily prayers, with which God wipes away faults."

Inshallah we all will have the opportunity to 'wipe' away our sins and have the chance to be 'better' than we are today!

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