A long path...

It has been way too long since I have written anything of substance, meaning poetry or short stories. Before I started working, I used to stay up late at night and just write and write until my hands hurt. I remember putting together my own poetry booklet and felt a great sense of accomplishment that I had been able to write that many. I thank God that he has given me a way to express my feelings and thoughts, if not for anyone else but myself... but perhaps I will share a few of them. This one was written 2 years ago, I really think it was my 'last' poem - yes I have not written for that long! Enjoy!

A long path ...

I start my travels as any other traveller.
I pack my belongings, taking a few personal items
that I cannot bear to be without and step out into
the unknown.

I turn left then right then head straight.
I take the path that is less travelled.
I run through a maze of trees only to find more trees.
I walk through the cities, on the dirty streets.

On these streets I see humanity in all of its glory.
I see the poor, the homeless, the rich and successful.
They all walk the same road, a few, but only
a few truly know why they are lucky enough to
walk the true path. Does that man in a business suit
know? or does that woman pushing a shopping cart
down an empty alley know? Do any of us know?

I continue on my travels... holding my belongings
close to me I walk down a path filled with insecurity
and indescision... 'what should I do?' This questions
keeps plaguing my lately.
Indeed what should we do?
Do I continue on the path I am currently on? Or
should I suddenly turn right and start on a whole
new path? What should I do?

I am about to turn on this path, not knowing exactly
where it will lead to.
I walk with my head up and my eyes open wide
not to miss a single moment of any scene that
comes before me.
As I walk past the man in the business suit I see
he hands the woman with the shopping cart
a few dollars and gives her his coffee.
I smile and realize that we are all on a path of our
I hold my belongings and I look into the eyes of
another on the same path as he says...
"Where shall we go today?"

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ammena said...

nice, you should post this on the forum... im sure the girls would love to read it


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