Muslim call to adopt Mecca time

Muslim call to adopt Mecca time

Interesting article - anyone have any thoughts on it?

**Edited to include my thoughts **

When I first glanced at the title I was intrigued by it....thinking hmm maybe this is about achieving some unity in the Muslim community
( trying to unify Eid's so that we all start them at the same time,
or at least not have such heated debates about it ) but as I opened the article and started to read it, I found sadly that that was not what it was about. Nope, it is about GMT or should it be MMT (Mecca Mean Time - sorry couldn't help it)

I mean really, is this the only 'problem' of the Muslim Ummah (community), gee is there not poverty, injustice running rampant in many of the 'Muslim countries'?? (Ok, I realize that it is not only a problem with Muslims, but for the sake of argument, lets focus on Muslim communities)

Alhamduillah, (all praise is due to Allah) Mecca is the spiritual center for all Muslims, and as such we are told to turn towards there when praying. We are mandated to make a pilgrimage there when we are able to financially, so yes we can say as Muslims we consider Mecca the center of our spirituality. Why do we need to concern ourselves with how and where the world time is centered? I feel that this will only incite a bit more discord between Muslims and Non-muslims (as if there is not enough already). I think non-muslims will see this as yet another way muslims are looking to 'distance' themselves from the rest of the world. I certainly feel that way, I mean I have not looked into the history of where GMT came from, nor do I really wish to do so. I am basically happy to know what time it is where I live. Do I care where the center of 'time' should be or where it is right now? No, not really.


ammena said...

subhanallah.. Im not being funny (and Im not sayin this just cause Im british) but does it really matter who started this?? as long as there is a point.. i dont know the longistics of countries so I cant say that mecca isnt the only country on the magnetic line... but sayin its the centre of the world?! come on!! who cares??? spiritually yeh, and we dont have to prove that to anyone! no matter where we are. Its just a point.. UK isnt the centre of the world.. they arent giving that impression. Subhanallah.. surely there are more important things to discuss in saudi like.. the level of racism, homosexuality, opression of womenand violence or is that unimportant?? priorities people!!!

Jaffer said...

I give a rating of 5/5 to ammena's comment.

I just want to find out who are these scientists claiming to represent me among the Muslim world. Because they certainly don't represent me !

Any non-muslim will see as an attempt incite further hatred towards the western community.

Dewantoro said...

I am wonder why some of us going to mosque every friday by following day pointed by british, I am 1000% supported when we counts time from Mecca for zero time and we have to re counting the day so we will find the real Jum'ah (Friday),we should not use greenwitch time base for counting our muslim day, muslims have their own callendar, we shuld not care about what western community agains to. Time does matter for us this is the key to the glory of Islam World

buloni said...

aAsalaam aleikum,every comment is right but what you have to know is that Allah doesn't need suggestions we do as He says


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