Dawah...only the person won't know it!??

Assalam alaikum & peace to all

I have a question. My mom is Catholic (she is practicing but in her own way) and of late she has become very 'devout', in the terms that she has gone back and is reading the bible a lot more. This makes me happy yet also makes me sad.
I tried to tell her about Islam (she does not know that I am Muslim -long story) and we've had some good discussions about it, but I know in her mind it's just not the 'right' religion. Sigh ....
So now I came up with an idea that I would print off for her (in her own language - she is good in English but I know that if I print it in her own language it will be more meaningful) some verses of Quran but not say it is from there, just tell her that it is some religious writings.
Ok, so is this totally and utterly wrong? Yes, it is a bit deceitful but I'm trying to show the writings in a positive way. I know she would never bother to look at the Quran if she knew it was that... so I thought I would give her the print out and let her read it and see what she thinks of it...and maybe one day I'll tell her its Quran?? Ugg maybe this is a bad idea. Let me know what you all think.



brnaeem said...


Why not simply introduce the concept of tawheed, the oneness of God? Focus on that and let her begin to question the validity of the trinity.

Just my 2 cents...

Aalya said...

wa alaikum assalam
thanks for the comment... but she does believe in the 'Oneness' of God only she is 'stuck' in the cultural ways of how she was brought up. She knows that the only help is through God, but she thinks that she can also ask for help/guidance from Jesus. Where she comes from it is almost like a saying 'Jesus help me' I really don't think people realize what they are saying/meaning when they say such things. As for questioning the trinity, that would be a 'bad' thing in her eyes. This is my dilemma. If only she knew she was contradicting herself by believing in the 'One God' and yet seeking help from Jesus as well!

ammena said...

i think its a good idea sis.. when i think of the future and sending cards to my mum I would like to do this too.. a little verse to uplift the soul never did anyone any harm :) no matter where its from and as long as you believe it


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