Was it a good deed or not?

Assalam alaikum & peace to all

Have a question whether this is a good deed or not? Here is the story.
I am at the mall waiting for my eye appointment, I still have about an hour till the appointment. A friend calls me and she is a bit upset because her house alarm has gone off and has no idea what could be wrong. So she is telling me that her husband is going to go home and check to see what has happened. She asks me if I am still in the area, (of her house) I say yeah and that I'm going in for my appointment in about 40 mins. She says ok, and talks some more, I re-assure her that it will be fine, and that nothing is wrong. So she hangs up. I sit there and have a tinge of regret that I did not offer to go and 'check' out her place (its only about 10 mins away) but she didn't ask me to go. So, I continue to wait with only about 20 mins left to my appointment, she calls again. This time she is asking me to go and check out her place, but says 'go after your appointment'. I say to her (looking at my watch) that it's ok I can check quickly and be back in time. She is totally grateful and so I hurry over. Well I get stuck in traffic, all lights catch me along the way. Well I make it over to the house and check the doors, they are all locked and everything seems fine. I call her to tell her that, she is again thankful and I make my way back for my appointment. Well I am about 15 mins late - so I tell the girl that 'there was an emergency at the house' (didn't say it wasn't my house) and that is why I could not come in time. She said well 'since you didn't show up for your appointment, you will have to re-schedule' (no sympathy at all) so my appointment is for next monday now.
Great! I really needed to get this eye exam done, before my trip I wanted to have new glasses. So, my question is, was this a good deed or just something useless? I feel kind of guilty that I didn't immediately say to her that I would check out the place (this was 40 mins before the appointment) that would have given me enough time to come back. I feel I did a good thing by re-assuring my friend, but I also feel crappy that I had to miss my appointment (because of laziness or whatever I was feeling)
I never did tell my friend that I missed the appointment, I think she would have felt guilty.

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ammena said...

salam sis.. u did good, dont stress too much about it. I was here.. I wouldnt have asked u to check it out that close to your appointment but thats me.. if she wanted you to check it, she should have asked the first time. You missed your appointment, but whats more important at that time? and remember Allah (swt) knows the rewards behind everything and makes things happen for reasons we cant even begin to comprehend. Allahu alim :) just be grateful that you were able to give your friend the peace that she needed then, and how much better a friend are u than me! I would have totally told her I missed my appointment :P well done you masha'allah :)


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