Ramadan Day 14 - Family Iftar

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

I realize this is going backwards but I wanted to tell you about how
we broke fast two weeks ago. Well we went to my Mother's place
and had a nice night - Mashallah. My Mom does not know that I
am Muslim but she does know that I am fasting (as I had mentioned
earlier - she thinks I am doing it for 'love' of my husband - ahh le sigh what
to do) Anyway I told her that I would bring food to cook over to her
place and we could cook together - she liked that - so this is what we
Spinach-rice filled peppers with roasted mushrooms

These were the dates(filled with almond paste), walnuts and
Turkish Delight(Lokum)

So this is what the whole dinner setting looked like - we had roasted chicken
and the filled peppers, potatoes.

So this how we broke fast - with my Mother and it was a nice evening.
I only wish that she was this understanding with everything!


Anonymous said...

as salamu alaykum Aalya!

Mash'Allah good idea to share iftar with your mum! Well, everybody will always think that you "do it" for your husband subhan'Allah ;) just need sab'r insh'Allah!

Aalya said...

wa alaikum assalam

Thank you for the comment. I guess its true that people will think what they want to think but its just difficult when that is your own mother - sab'r inshallah - how true is that!

Umm Travis said...

assalamu alaykum sis, what a lovely blog. im sad to hear your mom doesnt know about islam? why is that? may Allah guide you to the right way and make it easy for you, ameen.

janan said...

oooooooooo so tasty looking!!

love janan


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