God grant me...

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
I have always liked this quote - prayer - poem, call it what you like. It really does put all decsions into God`s hands, where it always should be. I really am at a point right now that I am praying that God guides me to the right way and gives me the strength to accept his will. I will tell you that it is so hard to just accept things and say that it is God`s will. I suppose nothing is easy in life and to put all of your heart and soul into faith is a challenge in itself. I know this post is a bit mysterious and doesn`t say too much but I just thought I would post that poem...its helped me in times of need - perhaps it was God`s way of guiding me and letting me know that some things are out of my control while at the same time some things I have to solve in my life but always with God`s help! Inshallah!


Umm Travis said...

I love this prayer too

I wrote about it b4 too LOL check it out ;)

Aalya said...

Interesting that we both posted about it! It truly is a nice prayer... not many prayers will fit in with Islamic teachings but this one is a perfect one... like you wrote on your blog: "Why do I think I have all the answers?
Why do I think MY WAY is the right way?"

I'm striving to let go and let God's will be in my life!


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