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Assalam alaikum & peace to all

Hubby and I were watching a TV infomercial about a de-tox program - if you are in Ontario you have probably seen it before (its with that scary looking dr. guy-sorry scarry dr) - he basically talks about how we are all 'clogged' up inside, specifically our colons and how his wonder medicine will clear you out. He does go into quite a lot of detail, appolgizing several times for being so 'frank'. Anyway I told hubby that I know of herbal teas that will 'clean' you out and are much safer than that stuff mr. scary dr. is selling (nevermind spending $60 every month!) it is cheap and more effective.
So I thought I would share some of my teas that I've started to drink! As with anything please do your research throughly, even though they are herbs, that does not mean it is safe for everyone to use!

Stinging Nettle Tea
Antinflammatory- Antioxidant - Cleansing- Detoxifying- Diuretic - Premenstrual Syndrome
I am drinking this once a day - My mom has drunk this tea for years and it really does help with general health!

Dandelion Leaf Tea
Anti-inflammatory- Antioxidant- Appetite Stimulant - Bloating- Bone and Joint Conditions -Gastrointestinal Disorders- Hormone Imbalances - Digestive Disorders

Peppermint Leaf Tea
Antibacterial- Antinflammatory (for mucous membranes)- Antifungal- Antiseptic (externally) - Cough- Cold- Colic- Digestive Cramps- Digestive Disorders - Insomnia- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)- Menstrual Cramps- Mental Fatigue

These are just a few that I am currently drinking. God has given us all of the plants and herbs that we need to live life, so why not take advantage and learn all we can about it.

As with everything knowledge is the key!

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