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Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

As you may or may not have noticed I have been re-doing my blog format and as a result some of you have been asking me how I have done certain here is a list of sites I've used to change the formats!

First I added a 'cute' background! Its from here
actually most of my customization came from that site!

The there is the adding of the 3 columns
Read the instructions at the above site and then go to....

For the 3 column steps...I would recommend that you do it slowly and step by step.
(Like it says on the cutest I did not find the 'update' portion and it worked just fine)

Also make sure that you change the column can play around until everything fits nicely!

Also I made a 'fav icon' its the little 'flower' that appears in the link bar
Now this process looks really difficult but it doesn't have to be - as I found out!
I would recommend using a .png or (even better and easier) a .gif picture. If you want to create an .ico image there is a long process involved (I couldn't be bothered!) buy hey if you feel like it go for it! OR you can do this to any image you find go to that site and enter the location of your file and
click on 'create' fav icon you will see your picture on the bottom as a 'preview' and then click on
'get it now' - it will download a zip file which you will extract and save the .png file to your computer.
The next step is to save it to a site like 'photobucket' so that you can get the URL of the image and insert the 'code' into your blog template...again just follow the instructions carefully!

I forgot originally to add in the 'label cloud' link

Hope this all helps - have fun customizing!!


Ms.Unique said...

That's soooo sweeeet of U Aalya ...... Jazak Allah Khairan ...... abt the Favicon thingy ..... I think I've got an easier way .... just go to and upload ur pic .... and in the second instruction coz the first one made me go crazy huh! ..... just copy that link and put in the template and VIOLA ! u've got ur own Favicon ...... hehe ... :)

Aalya said...

Yeah that site you posted is much easier!! Thanks!

hijabee said...

Thanks for the tips, I'm totally retarded when it comes to html or computer related tasks! All I do is turn my computer on/off and browse the internet. If you ask me to do anything besides that, I get lost lol.


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