It was nice to see ....

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Just thought I would share this pic ...
(no it's not to show you that toilet paper is on sale!)

If you look down at the bottom it says
"Eid Mubarek" beside the tea advertisment!

I was in this store actually 2 weeks ago and they had so
many products with the tag 'Ramadan Mubarek' It was really nice
to see!

Also in Wal-mart there was a big sign at the entrance saying
We wish you a happy Ramadan (or something like that)
I was so surprised and even showed hubby...he's goes 'yeah I saw!'

At least it was something positive!


Anonymous said...

Well the first time I saw the ''happy Ramadan/Eid '' signs in walmart was last year :) It pretty heart warming. A lot of stores did the same thing this year but I'm pretty sure walmart started it all lol. Are they doing this because Ontario seem to have a large Muslim community ? I don't know, nonetheless I love it !

Adventurous Ammena said...

I remember food basics doing this too.. and the price chopper by mine had the same thing in their leaflet... I miss that :|

Ms.Unique said...

Wish U a Belated Eid :D


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