Ramadan Day 1

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Day 1 of Ramadan has come and gone, alhamduillah it wasn't too bad but very long.  Woke up for suhur, finished it at 4:30 then did Fajr prayer then went to sleep and my adorable little one wakes up 7am so today I felt a little bit tired...and by the end of it I was dizzy and feeling very fuzzy.

Alhamduillah it was not too bad, inshallah I will keep it up. 

I pray that everyone's fasts are accepted and we all receive blessings in this holy month.


Jaz said...

happy ramadan!!

Candice said...

Glad it went pretty well! Sounds like a loong day but insh'Allah you can do it and it becomes easier as your body gets used to it!

Adventurous Ammena said...

Ameen sis... ramadhan mubarak :) are you fasting??

Aalya said...

Thanks Candice...I think that's the trick...for your body to get used to it!

Ammena - Yeah I am! Hence why I felt
Ramadan mubarek
How's your days going?


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