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Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Ok, so lately I've been feeling all like I really need to dress more modestly (ok, I don't wear revealing things...just sometimes make bad choices well, actually I want to be more fashionable!  I have a little boy who Mashallah takes up most of my time but now that he is almost one years old....I'm finding a bit more time to dedicate to myself.  So, because of that I want to seem more 'put-together' oh and I'm playing around with the idea of wearing a scarf (MAYBE ...IT'S A BIG STEP NOT SURE IF I CAN DO IT - ok so I need to work on my dedication to prayer, etc before I can even think of wearing it full time - and don't everyone jump on me about its fard...etc I KNOW ALL OF THAT - we all have our journeys...)  Anywho! I browse the hijab style blogs and I am so fascinated by all the girls who are so lovely and put together...mashallah.  I've always wanted to be fashionable and 'put-together' but I've never been able to really master it... so that is what Im trying to do now!  So basically my question is...How do you dress modestly when you are AHHRRRRHMMM (cough cough) approaching mid-thirties, have a crawling baby and hubby to attend to?  Here are some pics I've found of fashions I like...opinions please!

I just feel like so many of the fashions are too 'young' for me I really need some great ideas!
Love the fashions of Hijab Revival

Im also not too much of a long skirt/dress person...depends on the skirt really...(wide hips!)  For now I'm kind of in the jeans comfy!

I'm going to post some of my 'ideas' for me...I'll do this after MIL leaves LOL


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