I'm learning how to swim...first embarrassing moment...more to come I'm sure!!

Assalam alaikum &Peace to all

Ok so I've finally decided to learn how to swim...I found a course online that was teaching adults how to
swim and bonus its an all women class!! Woo hoo! Perfect! So today was the first day and I was a bit nervous about how its going to go...and embarrassed about what to wear...but since it was all women I didn't really have
too much reservations about wearing a normal bathing suit.  Well...I got to the pool and was the first one I waited until one or two other women showed up, I then went into the change room.  I was already wearing my bathing suit underneath my clothing, so was waiting a bit to change.  Well, the other woman was wearing a t-shirt and spandex type of pants...I sat there wondering when are they going to change? As I waited another two women came by...wearing same kind of thing...I was slowly getting the picture and getting a sinking feeling.  Before going to the pool it is mandatory to shower I saw these women who were all 'dressed' up showering with the t-shirt and pants ....ahhh totally sinking moment and I wanted to go and hide!! I looked at one of the women and said..."oh I didn't realize you can wear that, some pools don't let you wear such things' She looked at me and just said, "no, you can wear things like this, we are all women here"  Exactly I thought...because we are women it doesn't really matter (well ok, I know there are rules with women too...but you know its just different than with men!) I then said: " oh I thought you have to wear a traditional bathing suit" She then says: "well you wear what you are comfortable in"  I said uncomfortably, "I would rather wear a t-shirt" She just looked at me indifferently.   Ok, I totally wanted to go home and get a full t-shirt and pants...oh my how was I supposed to march in there in my bathing suit...that compared to what the other women were wearing might as well have been a bikini!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Well, no choice I had to start the I marched in there with my towel on...looked hopeless, and I felt hopeless!  Of course eventually I had to take my towel off...oh wonderful!  The 45 minute course went by fairly consisted of me floating on my back, on my front...blowing bubbles and kicking my way around the pool.  All in my wonderful swim suit...I felt like a whale!  Somehow went back to the change room and showered off...really quickly...all the while all I hear in the background is "Assalam alaium, wa alaikum assalam"  OH PERFECT!  I've wanted to meet some Muslim women from this area...well I did now...and I'm sure they think I'm just some fluzy...should I tell them "Oh I'm Muslim too...salam!!"  AHHHHHHH
Maybe they won't remember me next week?? Let's hope!!??  Oh what to do...I feel left out again, probably shouldn't but hey that's me.  If all of you can stop laughing for a moment and comment on what I should do...I would appreciate it LOL!



Adventurous Ammena said...

hehee :) sorry to laugh but from our end, and im sure now its finished yours too thats pretty cute ;) at least you got started and insha'Allah you will get to know the other ladies well :D did you say salam to them? I know that you are practised to the max now ;)

Candice said...

I just want to congratulate you for deciding to learn how to swim! That's really great!

I've never seen a pool or courses allow people to wear clothes to swim -never! I have a modest suit that is basically knee-length shorts and a t-shirt style top that covers the bum, but it is in bathing suit material and could not be worn out in public. It's clearly not regular clothes, and I still got asked about it at the pool.

Candice said...

So don't feel embarassed at all! And I hope you're able to make friends with the women :)

Leslie said...

Why can't you introduce yourself to them as a Muslim sister?? They are obviously in the same locker-room doing the same gym-y stuff, right?? I hope you encounter them again!! :)

Aalya said...

Ammena Im not too practiced...but getting better inshallah! Yeah and Im still not laughing about it yet!

Candice...I figured the same...that we wouldn't be allowed in such things...go figure!

Leslie...I just feel embarrassed...and they just didn't seem so friendly ...well I'll see next week...maybe!


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