Quiet Reflection

November 16 2005 - Quiet reflection

I just changed my display picture ... I found that picture of a woman alone in a room praying...and I can't explain it but it was so peaceful and wonderful.

I long for a time that I can pray like that be free and at peace with myself ... to truly only hear the sound of your own breathing and to know that you are alone with your Lord and Creator...

Been lately a bit of a lapse in my prayers... I probably should not admit that here publicly (read somewhere that you should not divulge your bad habits, etc. only relate what is good) but in my relating a bit of my weakness' I hope that someone out there that is at a weak moment will take heart that it does happen to us all...we are after all only human!

Has anyone ever felt like this? I mean I just got so overwhelmed by the idea that I will have to pray 5 times a day for the rest of my life !! Now I'm not saying it is a burden...that's not how I mean it at all. I suppose it will take time to get used to all of this...and incorporate it into my life - right now I'm not able to perform all of the prayers always...Inshallah that will change one day. Seems we're always working on things in life and our faith is one of the most improtant of them... I am grateful that I have been led to this faith and can only hope that I can lead my life in prayer and worship and be a 'good' person ... so that perhaps one day I will be able to pray in that little room...

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