November 17, 2005 - Names

Salam (peace) to all who read this... (anyone reading this)
There is a lot of talk about reverts changing their names - I have not changed mine nor do I wish to be know in the 'real' world with a different name, I'll tell you why not (this may change at any time in my life - I'm like that Image) Firstly, I am who I am, was born with my name and have no problem with it ! Secondly, having changed religions I don't feel the need or desire to change my name, after all I am still ME but am a different religion. (makes sense?) But! having said all this I do realize why people do like to change their names. They have embraced a whole 'new' life and because of that they want everything to be new. I myself had bought a silver band ring and had a name enscribed on it (a combination of my last name and first name - creating a new name) when my father passed away. I have no idea why I did that, or where the idea had come from, but I feel that it was saying goodbye to a part of my old life and welcoming a new one. I think its a part of coping with life changing - that was my way. So that is why I have decided that on my 'internet' life, I want to be known as Aalya (two A's just because im always different Image) So in 'real' life im still ME! but on web land im Aalya ! A nice way to bring in the 'new' but still stand by the 'old', because who you are now will shape who you are in the future !

Take care all...


Anonymous said...

nice post sis... I haven't really changed my name.. most ppl know my 'real' name too.. and i feel the same way as you. Im the same person, i was born with this name and so far it hasnt done me any harm alhamdulillah. So why?? My name doesnt mean anything horrible so i am who i am.. and whatever name u choose to call me ill answer.. although not too used to hearing ppl call me ammena ;o) Fi amenallah

Anonymous said...

Salaams I totally agree! For me though I did change my name, but it was cuz I hated my name and everything associated wiht it. I changed even my birth certificate! but it is certainly not required in islam unless your name has a bad meaning like demon or poo poo head (LOL)anyhow not to many names mean bad things, mothers are for the most part kind in naming thier children ;) Well take care all and salaams


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