Supposed Miracles and other tests in life

Salam all...

I had been wondering for a while now about all of these Christian type of miracles and strange occurances. I'm talking about the ones like seeing the Virgin Mary appear, the bleeding from hands...etc. Things like this always made me wonder if they are 'real' or not? I mean its easy to say 'nah its fake' and I until recently did think yeah of course they are fake, I mean there is no way that any of those things can happen. But just recently I thought maybe this is a test from God to see if we will believe in those things or if we will face the challenge and prove to ourselves the truth vs. fiction.

We are tested everyday it seems ... from the smallest things in our life to the very big ones, I think we always need to keep in mind these tests and pray that we will pass them and come out stronger from them and not weaker.
So what's everyone else's thoughts on this one? Are those 'strange' occurances real or faked? Now I know there are tons of these fakes ones but some of them are so 'real' and witnessed by many people... what are the explanations for those? Mass belief ?? Or are they 'real' but put on earth as a test?
Just my latest thoughts ...

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