When you get tired...sleep

Been thinking of what to write today...but am so feeling tired that I just couldn't think of anything to write ... so then I got to thinking why are people so tired in general?

I mean anytime someone goes on vacation or has a few days off and you ask them 'what are you
going to do on your days off?' they almost always reply: 'sleep' Are we a nation sleep deprived?
Seems so. I had heard on the radio that people are not getting enough sleep... (I'm one of them) So, what is so important in our lives that we are sacrificing our sleep? I don't know about anyone else but I know that I feel that there are not enough hours in the day
to do all that I want to do. Perhaps I'm not organized and that is why I feel this way.
Or is it just that our days our getting shorter? I had talked with my mother about how hard life was for them when she was my age.
I mean this was before cars, automatic washing machines, and whole host of other 'modern' conviences' that they did not have - yet they managed to accomplish much more! So now how is that possible??

I think the world had 'sped' up and we have just not noticed it. I mean my mother had to do laundry by hand and ironing was a whole chore in itself. Then the cooking and cleaning of the house, baking...etc so much in one day and they managed to finish everything off by 8 in the evening and start like at 5 am !
Ok, maybe its because they had such early days... that could be, but I know some women who wake up that early now and still cannot finish all they want to do.
Another thought I had was maybe we as women today want to do it all? I mean I'm not married and have no kids to look after, but I do have lots of crafts, reading, writing,
etc, that I do want to do but have no time for...not to mention the fact that I am always 'meaning' to go to the gym.

So I come back to that idea, there is not enough hours in the day to do all I want. But how do I solve this problem?

Maybe I could reading on one day, crafts on another day...and so on. Hmm, good plan but I've tried it and have not been able to stick to it. so to feel like I've accomplished things...I tend to stay up late at night to do them. What do I get for that? Bags under my eyes, and a total lack of interest of going to work for 9 hrs. And to make
things worse I've read that lack of getting 8hrs of sleep per day you actually tend to gain weight!! Ahhhh, are you kidding!
As if it wasn't enough that I lack the encouragement to go to the gym, I'm actually doing the reverse !! I'm gaining weight! HOW HORRIBLE -
Ok, its not that bad but I've got to wake up and smell the coffee, (without the cream - don't want the extra fat!) and realize that all this extra stuff I want to do is actually bad for me.

So, my next step. Go to sleep early and try to manage to do just one 'extra' thing in a day. Hmm... let's see what shall I do today? Well its cloudy and rainy (no gym then -blushing - any excuse) maybe crafts? No, did that last week. Ok, I'll start on my baking, that I have put off for too long.

Ok, so its a plan, baking today. I'll just wait and see if I was actually able to do that tonight.

So... when you get tired - sleep!

Edit: Ok, so I didn't do any baking tonight...I met with a friend instead and we had a nice time :) that wasn't on the schedule ...but hey! Life is not on a schedule either!

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