Revert to Reality

Revert - what does it mean?

Well according to a dictionary meaning it is...
"To return to a former condition, practice, subject, or belief."

Ok what does 'Convert' mean then?
"1. To change (something) from one use, function,
or purpose to another; adapt to a new or different purpose"
" 2. To persuade or induce to adopt a particular religion, faith,
or belief: convert pagans to Christianity"

Language lesson over with for now!

I am fascinated by the fact that people who change to the religion of Islam are called 'reverts' instead of converts.

Ok, a bit of background knowledge now...Muslims believe that we are all born in a state of believing in God and that our parents/guardians/society change this belief into something else. ie. Christianity, Judaism, atheism...and so forth. So when someone adopts Islam as their religion they are said to be 'reverts' because they were born originally into
that state. (Make sense?) If not can google tons about this subject : here is one site some really good 'revert' stories for those interested!

So back to my original idea. I was and still am fascinated that these people are called reverts. Look at the idea of 'convert' it says "To persuade or induce to adopt a particular religion, faith, or belief" Hmm... I don't wish to be induced into anything let
alone into faith! I think my rant here is going to take on a which religion is better feel...but that is not my intention. I just want to talk about what ideas and values a so called 'terrorist, woman hating - religion' has.

There is a verse from the Quran (Islam's holy book)
There is no compulsion in religion.... 2:256

So the term revert fits in perfectly with this idea. You are not inducing or forcing any belief onto anyone. You are free to believe or not believe. Now, tell me that is not fair and just?

I suppose this 'rant' is about why people get such misconstrued notions about Islam ( I was one of them) These same people do not realize that they are mixing what they are seeing on TV and what they think that that group of people prescribe to. There is a wonderful quote that I
heard: Do not judge Islam with the behaviour of Muslims, Islam is perfect, Muslims are not.

I try to keep this in mind every time something horrible is written or shown about Islam. Only wish that others would have the same opinion. Can only hope and pray that will happen one day!

So happy to call myself a 'revert'. I have come back to something which is is a natural state I am in now. Feels like coming well not really home but at least
on the way to it.


your sister said...

salam sis.. I tend to say new muslim.. the prophet (saws) didnt call himself a revert, or the ppl around him.. not that ive read anyway...
Fi amenallah

Aalya said...

So when do you stop being a 'new'muslim ?? Just wondering when do you no longer consider yourself new or a new revert?

your sister said...

good question.. insha'allah ill be able toanswer when i feel a proper muslim and have been for awhile.. Ive been muslim 2 years, so def new muslim for now alhamdulillah


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