Chronic happiness

Saw this article about being in a state of 'Chronic happiness'

"The key to success may be "chronic happiness" rather than simply hard work and the right contacts, psychologists have found. "

"They found that happy individuals were predisposed to seek out new goals in life, leading to success, which also reinforced their already positive emotions."

So there you go... this is the secret to being happy (slaps self on the head - ouch - and thinks why didn't I think of this earlier?)

Ok, so I need new goals in life...hmm right now the project is to get married. New goal! Then find good job. Ok, so I am finding new goals in life...why am I not experiencing rapid onset of 'happiness'?? Perhaps it is because I know that these goals are a bit lofty right now (well the marriage part I'm working on - wink wink, nudge nudge) But the finding a new job is the goal that is actually giving me stress...not happiness.

Why do we place such emphasis on our work life? I mean I see the people I share an office with more than my actual family (something wrong with that) You wake up you eat, (or in my case drink my coffee...still with no cream!) drive to work, stress about some meaningless incident
at work that ruins your whole day, drive back home, eat and sleep again ...only to do it again the next day ( like the movie ground hog day ... over and over again)

I have tried the philosophy of, when I step into my car at night that with that slamming of the car door I also slam shut the day...and do not try to bring it home with me. So, does it work? Well ask the people at home ?? They will tell you exactly what I did at work today and whom I have fought with or who I have annoyed... So the 'slam door' policy will take some time to implement!

Want to get to the top? Put on a happy face - Now look at this article

"In addition to success in the work place, researchers also suggested that findings indicated that happy people are more likely than their less jovial peers to have “to have fulfilling marriages and relationships, high incomes, superior work performance, community involvement,
robust health and even a long life.”

Great... now my 'future marriage', 'future high income', and 'future health' is at risk...all because I'm not HAPPY! (grr)

Although another thought enters my mind...(it's 12:37 - sleep should be entering my mind...hmm maybe I am already asleep?) a quote that I have heard 'you make your own happiness' Now that is the best piece of advice that I have heard... because it is true. You determine what makes you happy...You ask God to give you rain he does but perhaps rain to another person means destruction? The person who is in a drought will pray for rain...but the person who is standing in the middle of a flood is praying for the rain to stop. Ok, that is an extreme example... but it proves the point that you make your own happiness. You may want sunshine but you will get rain, so don't dwell that you didn't get sun...instead get your umbrella's out and
make the best of a rainy day...

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