Are you a giver or a receiver?

With one hand holding my Tim Horton's green tea (yes, green tea not coffee), the other holding a shopping bag containing my lunch I struggle to get to my keys to open the front door of the office. Standing there wondering how I am going to achieve this feat of dexterity, my mind
wanders to the fact that nobody ever opens the door for me. {sigh}
So, here I am now waiting for my soup to cool down before I can start my lunch. (Yes, I did manage to open the door alone!) While waiting I got to thinking what are most people
a giver or a receiver?

Edit: Long pause ... its now afternoon - had my lunch

I mean opening the door is kind of part of my job here at default - I am in the front office's. So when I see one of our people coming into the office I go and open
the door for them...thinking that one day I may get the same enthusiastic response. Keep waiting. To date I think I have had the door opened for me three times. Of those three I think
two were opened with the sarcastic remark of ' did you want to come in' ...or the ever popular 'we are not taking applications' Neither of which I found funny!

So, it seems I am a giver not a receiver. Well I suppose that is fine but sometimes it would be nice to be on the other end. I mean I gladly do anything for my friends
and family but once in a while I get the feeling of 'why me'? Thoughts cross my mind that maybe I am just feeling selfish... that I should not care if I get these things reciprocated.
But the little voice in the back of my head says ' well why should you not be able to get some nice things in return' meanwhile the 'angel' says 'do it for the sake of doing something nice' (Needless to say the angel usually wins)

This kind of goes back to my other blog about 'doing something nice for someone else'. We are not doing these things just to get them back one day in some form of thanks..are we? Ok, honnestly, sometimes I do feel that I do them for the pure thought of that one day that person will do something for me. So is that a bad thing now? Yes and no. But it does not happen very often ... honest . I really am one of these people who genuinly likes to help people out so in essence I am the giver.

Let's look at it this way ... if there were no 'givers' in this world then there would be no need for 'receivers' and vica versa. We in general need to be a kinder, gentler people. Yeah yeah, how much more 'flower' talk will you endure. Ok, a bit over the top I know. As if being kinder and more gentle will in any way help the world. Some days (when I have had my coffee but no cream) I think that this world is going nowhere quickly. While on other days (green tea days) I think that there is hope that we as a people will not totally self destruct and save ourselves!
Today is a green tea day and so my outlook is a bit better...(amazing the results you get by drinking tea)

Oh just as an aside earlier today while I was sitting here, one of my co-workers from the factory was up here talking. While talking another co-worker was approaching the doorway and take a guess what he did - he opened the door for her. (no packages, bags or anything {sigh})

I just met another giver and receiver

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