I am an inquisitive woman...

who just happens to be Muslim and a convert to Islam!! Now if that doesn't get your attention...nothing will !! I won't bore you with the long story of how I became a Muslim, its a good story (In my opinion... all stories are good and interesting!) but it is a not the main focus for what I want to accomplish in this blog. Ok, so you may ask, what do you want to accomplish in this blog??
Good questions, I want to relate my struggles
as a convert, (yawn), "ok so you're another Muslim who is confused about changing religions" blah blah... (yawn.)
I can hear you saying that, but here is the kicker...I'm going to tell you exactly what my struggles are, not just candy coat the thing and say " oh well I will get over it, its just another struggle... ho hum" Oh no my friends, I will tell you exactly my thoughts feelings and opinions on everything I have gone through! You may also ask, "why do this, why expose to the web all your faults and mistakes?" Well, simple answer: I need to write about it and some of you new Muslims need to hear it too, ready?


Through my many web searches and studies in Islam one thing strikes me always, I never see the 'real' stories of how people struggle with daily life.I want to hear about how hard it is to pray at work, or how hard it is to wear the hijab, as well as hear the good stories of how "yes, I finally was able to pray without my notes" Now, I also realize there is this small aspect of Islam that says you should not really reveal your weakness' (I'm not sure of where I saw this first, I'll have to research it more, but I definitely feel that most people do adhere to this rule)
Well, I'm going to go against that only because I feel its so important for people to see the 'humanity' of
the person who is living with this.
I'm not advocating living an Islamic life that goes against all its basic tenants...
like the ever popular and totally drawn out debate about hijab.
As well the 'you must pray 5 times a day, right away
as a new Muslim, and no you cannot use your notes and yes it must be in Arabic and you must above all pronounce it correctly!" Look, we've all been in these situations and you are where you are in your Islamic
journey, if that means that you are not at a place in your faith to wear hijab, I want you to still feel you are a Muslim (shock) that you are on a path of discovery and learning, just like the rest of us. I want you to know that prayer is one of the basic requirements of Islam, and yes it is incumbent on all Muslims to offer the prayer 5 times a day (not debatable) but I also want you to know that it is ok to be a beginner
and you will have difficulties in
memorizing, pronouncing, and even performing your prayers - but that God is all-wise and all-forgiving and above all He is the only one who knows your intentions. So now that you know what my blogs will be about...I hope you will join
me in my struggles and joys. (yes, I am not only going to write about 'bad' experiences!)

Fi aman illah - In God's protection

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