Peaceful Prayers

Salam & Peace to all... today I feel a bit introspective and feel like posting something nice instead of something that stirs controversy or very deep thought.
One of the most beautiful things I find in Islam is the way that Muslims pray. Five times a day you stop what you do and engage in a remembrance of God (Alhamdulillah - all praise belongs to God). For me the most special is when I am alone and the room is darkened and I have lots of time and patience - rather clarity of mind- to devote to prayer. I truly feel a wave of serenity take over me and whatever has happened in the day, whatever anyone has said or done to me, I know that God is always there when I call out to Him. I stand there calm my mind, trying to forget the light streaming in from the blinds outside, forget the work that waits for me tomorrow, and lift up my hands and say "Allahu Akbar - God is greatest" With that powerful statement I start my prayers, ask God for forgiveness, ask for help and ask for strength to get through another day - another day where I may praise Him and realize exactly how lucky we all are to be able to stand and offer thanks and praise.

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