10 Weird, strange things about yourself

Ok so I never get tagged but I have now! Thanks sis (wink wink)

The rules are as follows:People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!

1. I pay all my credit card bills on time, meaning I don't pay the 'min' amount every month. May sound normal
but I have had several people look at me as if I had lost my head 'you pay the whole amount off every month!" Ah yeah, hello its not like its free money and you can use your CC for things you can't normally afford. Its just better not to carry cash around, in my opinion!

2. I actually like brussel sprouts and other veggies!

3. I count everything, like if 'm going up stairs, I'll count how many there are! Can get quite annoying. I can totally see myself in a rocking chair when I am old and end up counting the swings ... I could be counting forever!

4. I can speak 2 different languages and can understand 3 more - Once again people find this strange - for me
it's just normal. My mother and father would only speak to me in their native language .... so well duh of course I learned another language the other ones I just kind of picked up (from the family) well except for French - we had to learn that one in school!

5. I've never gone to the U.S. just for shopping and I have no desire to do so either- but I do like shopping in general especially getting great deals!

6. I have two extra bones in my body - well in my ankle to be more specific - apparently you can have up to 32 (from what I remember) extra bones!

7. I have never gone on a roller coaster and have no wish to do so! My life has enough twists and turns as it is.

8. I can't whistle... yup 'wooosh' (that was me trying just now) no big loss I suppose, unless I need to hail a taxi (lol... I think that only happens in NY)

9. I wish I had a bit more courage and not care what others think about me so much. Along the lines of what Ammena wrote about not telling her mom about her being Muslim - I face the exact same thing, its just too hard
to tell her because I know she will take it very badly - I kind of fear for her health if I do reveal it. She does not take change too well, and for the past 10 yrs things have been changing a lot in her life (my dad dying, I got married and moved out) so one more 'big' event I fear would push her over the proverbial edge

10. I absolutely abhor chain mails...and I've been getting tons of them in my email box (ugggg) I suppose the email versions are better than the paper versions that were so popular some time ago! At least with the electronic ones there is no paper waste and stamps being used unnessesarily!

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ammena said...

hmm.. good to know :) I suppose I could have added some of those weird things to mine.. I love veggies (although i suppose the vegetarian bit was my answer) I also pay my cc off whole.. for fear of the riba, I never been to US for shopping either and dont really want to (imagine the hassle) nah.. not me!! thanks for this though sis.. got to know a little more about you seeing as we meet up hardly ever :P Fi amenallah


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