My anniversary or rather rebirth to life

Well, January 10th 2005 I made the decision to change from Catholic to Muslim. Here I am now three years later and I must say it has been a journey and like any journey I have had to stop sometimes while other times I have made great progress. I don't think there is ever a proper way to embrace Islam, after reading so many convert stories I have come to the conclusion that each of our stories are so unique and we all had different ways of approaching it. So now, living with it, I also realize that each of us live Islam differently. Some of us fall into it quickly and adapt to the changes with little or no difficulties. Some of us try to learn and study first and then make changes slowly, gradually changing our lifestyle. Then there are some of us who have a very hard time with change, and fight it all along the way, thinking: 'why do I need to change everything about me, I like who I am'.
I have experienced all of these things at one time or another in my new journey. I have embraced things, rejected some things but I keep studying. What does this all mean to me as a convert? Well, it means that I have a lifetime to ponder these questions and a lifetime to improve myself, a lifetime to study and give meaning to my life - yes to my life, because this journey is not about you, not about your mother, father brother or sister, it is always about you and how you will live your life.


ammena said...

masha'allah, 3 years already? insha'allah the next 3 years are more settled for you.

Yasmine said...

I was catholic too before I came to Islam. Mashallah sis. ;)


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