Coffee - yes please... maybe... well maybe not

Ok so for a completely different topic for today... (because I am not just a person who rambles on about the 'meaning of life' I do after all have an opinion on many things - as well there are things that just confuse, and amuse me! Here is one of them... file this under 'confused'
There is so much debate on whether drinking coffee is good or bad for you. Just today there is an article about how dangerous coffee is to a pregnant woman (click link to read about it) it says that by drinking just 2 cups of coffee a day can double your risk of having a miscarriage! I mean that is really staggering! Ok, so no coffee, fine , I'll just drink decaf - um well, no, apparently decaf drinkers are at a higher risk of heart disease.
So, where does that leave me? I'll tell you, it leaves me very caffeine free - and with caffeine withdrawal symptoms!
Let, me explain why I don't want to drink coffee any longer ( totally against my other screaming self). Hubby and I are trying to have a baby Inshallah (smile) and I just feel that I have to some how kick this coffee drinking habit. I thought maybe one or two cups at the most would be fine, but then this study came out now and is making all the local headlines - so what's a girl to do... simple stop drinking it! Not so simple - I guess I am addicted to it, I tried to stop drinking for one day and I got a raging headache from it! I looked it up, there are actually withdrawal symptoms from not drinking coffee - great! So for now I am trying to drink decaf, its fine except for the fact that now I have to worry about heart disease? Ok, well its only a worry if you are drinking a high amount of it, which I am not, its basically a coping mechanism for my reduced caffeine intake. So for a few weeks you are going to have to deal with a caffeine free Aalya - perhaps it's for the better (wink).

So anyone have any good alternatives to coffee?
I like tea (fruit ones) and milk, so I suppose I will have to get used to drinking these instead, but oh my will it be difficult!


ammena said...

lol.. salam sis.. there are many fruit teas that are good for you, Im a lover of mint tea... turkish mint tea is lovely, and apple tea too.. ask hubby, the apple crystals :) yummy.. that takes me back. Or hot choc, try second cups white hot choc, its to die for.. well maybe not literally :P insha'allah everything works out for u both. Fi amenallah

Aalya said...

Yeah I like the apple tea quite a bit , I havd dozens of fruit teas at home that are going to be consumed shortly White hot chocolate sounds good too :) Thanks!

Zainab said...

As salamu alaikum

Try cappucino!I looove cappucino.It doesnt have as much caffeine and its oh soo good :)

I try not to listen to these reports so much because one minute you cant eat something,the next minute its good for you..i think moderation is the key :)

magda said...

Salaams sis

speaking of coffee, here's a really interesting study about the origins of coffee.

Who'd have thought it hey, it's our heritage... the Arabs used it as a form of Ibadah, so that they could stay up and do dhikr subhanAllah :)

Aalya said...

Interesting article Magda, thanks - whole lot of history there!!

Molly said...

Allah!!!!! InshAllah you guys will be blessed with children soon!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be adding you to my roll of things to read!


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