My own revert confrence...ok get together


This weekend was a very nice one Mashallah! I spent Saturday afternoon with two other reverts/converts - chatting and getting to know one another better. It always amazes me at how different each of our stories are and I never get tired of listening to them! There really is something comforting when you realize that you are not 'alone' in your experiences. We went for hot chocolate, had a nice talk, then went to a flea market - bought a few nice skirts (one of them doesn't fit ! arrr) Time came around for prayers and we were in search of a mosque in that area, so we asked one of the people at the market ( they were selling lovely scarfs) where was the closest mosque, but instead she told us that there is a room set up for praying! This was a very welcome surprise, so we proceeded to go and pray. I don't get the chance very often to pray in 'community', so this was a nice change and I can honestly say that it was very different than praying on your own. Different but good, being there and praying, the three of us formed a bit of a community, and I can see why people do like to pray in congregation. There is something about sharing the prayer with others, I can't explain but its just a feeling of strength and joy that we all are praying the same way. Knowing that this is the same exact way that the Prophet prayed with all his people as well as all those many generations afterwards. Its another one of those 'experiences' that I walk away with a feeling of 'belonging', mashallah I am having more and more of these experiences, Inshallah it continues!!


ammena said...

love the pic sis.. nice touch. Masha'allah im glad you enjoyed it.. we should do it more often :) Im planning on going to visit audrey insha'allah after winnipeg, so you are welcome to drive over with me if you want :D Take care, chat soon insha'allah. Fi amenallah

Sadiq Alam said...

Mashallah. lovely get together. may the love for the sake of Allah increase in your heart and may you each other strengthen each other as well.

peace be with you.


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