Snow day... eek!

Well here in the great white North ( ok not so North, its actually classified as 'Southern Ontario' go figure??) we get to experience a phenomena called Winter, oh yes we are famous for it - and no we don't all live in igloos or attempt to go skiing in July (trust me I've heard both from foreigners). Ah winter, the snow, the ice, the sleet, the freezing rain, shall I go on? Ok, its also about cleaning your driveway, brushing the mountain of snow off your car and the ever popular penguin walk ( wondering what the penguin walk is? Its a kind of shuffling your feet movement you end up doing when the streets are ice covered) So, why am I talking about winter, you may ask? Simply because tomorrow they are forecasting a good dumping... 25 cm or more in some areas - insert depressed look here. I live about a good 40 km away from work (one way) and driving in those lovely conditions becomes quite an adventure. The best is when a usual 40 min drive turns into two hours! At my workplace we get Friday's as a half day (woo-hoo) this is usually a good thing, but I fear that tomorrow will take me two hours, which means I start work at 10:00am and then leave at 12:30 - is it really worth my nerves and safety to go into work for that short period of time? I am seriously contemplating not coming into work !! Any opinions? Thoughts? I'm at a loss right now... I have been wanting to go tell the office manager that I just won't be in tomorrow, but I can see her face while saying, "oh why not?" There is me saying, 'I'm afraid of the snow" Ok, I'm not afraid of the snow per say, I am however afraid of the accidents and general chaos that occurs in weather such as this. Ok, I hae another 1.2 hr to get the courage to just say I'm not coming in!! But oh will I get razzed about it on Monday from the other employees, "ohhh got stuck in the snow?" and "Did a little snow scare you away?" I almost would just rather come in then face that. Well, I'll let you all know what happens tomorrow... one way or another I'll try and blog about what happened.

No, I did not go to work on Friday. I got the nerve to ask the office manager on Thursday night, saying " Yeah, I don't think I'll come in tomorrow" All she says, "Well, ok, you'll see in the morning how it turns out and then you can decide if you will come or not."
What part of 'I don't think I'll be in tomorrow' did she not understand? Ugg, so I had to call in the morning and say "I'm not coming in", "Ah, ok then, take care" was how the discussions went. Ah well too bad, it was a half day to begin with, I mean come on, am I not worth taking a snow day? (shrug) who knows!
(supposed to snow badly again tomorrow - oh the fun!


ammena said...

Salam, I know what you mean sis.. I heard it on the news today. They reckon freezing rain your end for the afternoon rush hour too... insha'allah everyone stays safe. so you are at home now, prob nto told your boss, so if its soo bad tomorrow (listen to the radio) phone in!!!

Molly said...

call in!!!!!!!!

work sucks.

did you go in to work???

Aalya said...

No I didn't go in to work on Friday "woohoo" It was truly a bad day, freezing rain and all!

Thanks for asking!

Molly said...

I hate bad weather. I also hate going in to work.


good thing you stayed home!


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