Shopping Spree!

I got inspired by the Hijab Style and am posting my latest clothing purchases... I had a great shopping spree at Old Navy today - Got some wonderful deals and some great 'essentials' to my more modest wardrobe! I am trying to dress more modestly and have some great finds today! Enjoy!

I have been looking for some long sleeved t-shirts to wear under all my short sleeved tees and shirts, so far I have a black, cream and green one. The pants are like jeans but not quite jean material. The shirt is a basic shirt I can use for work. The dress looks fab for a night out with black pants! The shoes are just wonderful and when I saw the price - I just couldn't leave it there! They had amazing deals at the Old Navy I went to...worth while to check them never know what you can find!


ammena said...

nice :) maybe you can wear your new dress to my little party march 1st :P

Anonymous said...


Nice....I love that dress...

Organic-Muslimah said...

I love Hayah's blog. You did a great job!


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