Update on me... work, procreation and everything else

So what has been going on with me... not too much really, other than work and married life! So basically your ordinary everyday life. Been way too pre-occupied with this whole trying to conceive idea - I swear it must be easier than all this! Taking temperatures and marking it down on a site, and magically it spits out your most 'fertile' time... well great except that it doesn't always work out that way! I really did think it was easier to get pregnant!!

Inshallah we will be able to have children soon... please keep us both in your Dua's.

Work is work... alhamduillah I still have a job but it is totally uncertain when it will end - they say now that we are safe until February 09 - I was kind of looking forward to leaving in
August (original finish date) well its all in God's hands - only God knows what it best for us!

At work it has really been a challenge, our server is down so we are kind of useless - I have to tell you that it is so hard to do everything manually, by pen and paper. We have gotten so used to doing everything automatically, that when it is taken away we feel as if a part of us is missing. Inshallah things will get better next week!

Everything else... well its as usual.

Got a new laptop from hubby dear - so now I can surf whenever I want without us trying to juggle time between the two of us and one laptop!

So that's my update for now...


ammena said...

yay, alhamdulillah things are ok with you.. insha'allah you are blessed with a football team soon :P

Yasmine said...

I will have you in my duaa. aaawww should take a look at my post about pregnancy. I'm warning you though. lol


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