Some of my interesting pictures

I have a long(er) drive home and I usually get bored during the drive (yeah I know I should be driving and not snapping pictures - I do them while stopped at light)
Thought I would share some of them nicer ones and one humerous one!

Taken during a rain storm - I tried a different technique...its called 'shaking the camera while taking a picture'

A beautiful sunny day on the 407

My drive to work while the sun comes up

Oh yes the ever popular "plastic real lemons"


ammena said...

masha'allah I love those pics sis.. especially the 407 one and the one next to it :) amazing! ooh food basics :P gotta love em! heehee

Anonymous said...


Dont tell anyone but I use those fake lemons....all the time and I tell people how I squeezed and sqeezed pictures


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