Fall seven times but get up eight times

Japanese proverb - that appeared to me randomly on a site I visit - got me to thinking that the falling is not important it is what we do afterwards that really counts. When life, people, or anything really knocks you down what do you do? I think that is what sets our character and sets up how we will live the rest of our lives. Although it is true (at least for me) that I will react differently in different situations. Its easy to stand up to what you believe when you are 100% sure it is the right and true way. The problem is when we are, 'on the fence' and not really sure what it right and true. This is the real test of faith and character.

Lets look at it in terms of religion, and faith. Take prayers for example, we are told to do them 5 times a day everyday. As personal as it is I know that many people 'fall' in this area, but I really and truly believe that if we get up and try to do our best we will be rewarded for the effort (inshallah). Islam is a religion who advises to take the middle path in all you do - do not be too extreme or too lax - the middle path is the best.

So, I will try not to fall but when I will I will try and stand up and maybe take a look at why I did fall and what I can do to prevent it from happening again - but always try to stand up!

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Molly said...

MashAllah, very good advice.


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