Earth Hour and other good things to do

So on Saturday some Canadians (170 communities) are going to be participating in 'Earth Hour' basically from 8pm-9pm we are asked not to use any electricity to raise awareness of climate change. I realize that by turning off the lights and not using electricity won't exactly amount to too much - but I think at least it is a step in the right direction. I can remember in the early 90's (yes I'm that old) there was such a big movement to be earth friendly and we used to do our best in High School to promote recycling. Somehow in these 10-15 years its has been pushed aside, you just don't hear about environment as much. Yes I do admit in the last two years or so it has come back to some degree, due to some films and some actor intervention. The media is usually the ones who make things public, and in this case its a good thing. Hopefully it will raise some awareness and bring much needed attention to our environment. Just yesterday I heard on the news that a huge piece of arctic ice shelf has broken away - now that may not seem to be a big deal but it does show that the earth has warmed up - something that many Canadians don't mind is happening - scientists were expecting this break of the ice shelf but they were only thinking this would happen in fifteen years and here we are today it has happened.
So I say try and not use electricity for the one hour, no it will not make a huge difference to you personally or globally but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are not just idly standing by while the earth self-destructs. Today you save energy, tomorrow maybe you will take the bus and not your car or maybe you will look into more fuel efficient cars. It all starts with small steps, remember nothing is accomplished by taking a huge leap, usually we need to walk to get where we are going to.

Some interesting web sites to check out :


Amanda Roberts said...

Kudos to you for promoting such a wonderful cause. For you or any other who would like to participate, remember to unplug your electrical devices or turn off the power strip leading to them. Neglecting to do this allows your computer/tv/fan to still pull small amounts of electricity (with computers and tvs being the biggest source of this)

ammena said...

i did my bit :) I got bored so lit a few candles and started to read.. although, then I read on the facebook group that lighting the candles made more CO2 than with the items turned on.. plus it was dirty carbon, whereas the electricity is clean carbon.. oh where to win??


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