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How To Strengthen Your Faith in Allah

"Imaan" Is the Fuel That Keeps Us Going Towards Our Creator Without Deflections

Worth while to read the article... right now I'm a bit tired to post my thoughts but Inshallah I will do that tomorrow !! For now I love this

Required Tools:
A copy of the Quran

Stay away from sin.
Beware of who you hang around with.

"Communicating with Him is the best way to revive imaan. You can invoke Him in du'a -- supplication or prayer -- at any time, while doing any other task. Just talk to Him in a hushed voice, profess your love for Him, and ask Him to help you. He listens to and responds to calls, as long as they are sincere."

I especially like this portion of the article - personally I do this a lot during the day (or at least I try to) I am constantly asking for help and guidance.
All the points brought up the author are great and really you should try and do all these things everyday. If you keep God in your mind all day it will serve as a great anchor - basically you know that this life is fleeting, each action you do could be your last one!!
There was one little (tinsy winsy) bit of the article that I did not fully agree with:

"Sure, the hijab-observing ladies and the men with flowing beards might be labeled fundamentalists or extremists by some spheres. But in all reality, they are the ones who remind others most of Allah, and it is highly likely that Allah is pleased with them."

Now we all know that this is not always true, not all hijab or beard wearing Muslims are pious just because they wear a headscarf or let their beard grow long. Now, I know that the author means, she wants to say that you should surround yourself with the 'best examples' of Muslims (for sure you should!!) but I'm not certain that always come ensconced in a scarf or wrapped up in a beard. (Slight rant thats all - I'm fine now)

Anyone have any opinions, thoughts on the article... feel free!

Like to leave you all with this final thought!

"Behold! In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace." [Quran, Surah Al-Ra'd: 28]


Yasmine said...

oooo cool, I got the tools now what do I do? lol

nice post sis. ;)


ammena said...

salam, thanks for this.. lol, its funny.. i only skimmed over the article, but that was the same thing that jumped out at me too


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