Some of my new books

These are some of my latest books

1.Wives of The Holy Prophet (SaW)

By: Mufti Muhammad Ashiq Elahi (Rah)

2.Muhammad: The Last Prophet
Imam Vehbi Ismail
3.Bent Rib: A Journey through Women's Issues in Islam
Huda Khattab

Got these books on a little trip to Soundvision in Toronto, they are closing down their store so there were lots of books on sale. I'm in the process of reading the Bent rib, so far it is good. Talks about the role of women in Islam, as well it tries to do away with some of the myths that surround Islam.


ammena said...

sounds good masha'allah.. and Ill let you know when Ive finished the duaa: the weapon of the believers and insha'allah you can borrow it if you want :) glad you had fun. Insha'allah see you soon. take care, fi amenallah

ammena said...

salam, just wondered how you are going with these... ive recently come across a masjid in toronto (through a friend) that sells books cut price.. the duaa book i mentioned in my previous comment.. $1 yes i typed it correct $1 subhanallah.. i can give u directions if u wanna check it out.. its south of Richmond hill i think


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