Feeling Ill lately ... been watching too many youtube videos

Well I have been feeing sick for the last week... I even missed work for 3 days but thank God I am feeling better today. So usually when I am at home, either sick or borded, I end up watching too many things on youtube. I did however enjoy the few videos I saw. Here is a summary (and links) of what I watched

Converted by a four year old child - Mashallah such a wonderful story of how a 4 yr old child started to question her nanny and how she came to realize about Islam
75 Yr. old American revert Part 2
Great interview with an american woman who came to Islam late in life

As you can see, I like to watch videos about converts. All the stories I hear or read, always fascinate me. Each one is so different and personal, its amazing to hear how they found Islam, rather how they were guided to Islam.

So that is how I spent my few days, with tylenol and (great combination).
Last weekend was much better, got to visit with a friend and got to go to a mosque and got to pray together and see the city she lives in.
Here is a picture of the mosque and 'yours truly' praying. Have to thank sis Ammena for showing me around and giving me the chance to pray side by side - was an amazing feeling!!


ammena said...

masha'allah good pic, good quality for a mobile too. Glad you enjoyed it, we will have to do it again.. sorry to hear youve been ill

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
I recognize that mosque! ;) I was there recently, myself! Hi Ammena! You're such a popular woman! :D I don't normally get into conversion stories, but I read one recently that could have been written by me except for gender and location! It was interesting to see myself in someone else's story!

Hajar said...


I hardly watch youtube thus I'm not aware of such videos. Thanks for the links. ^^ Accounts like these never cease to amaze me.


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