Still not feeling great ... but getting there

Well after 3 weeks I'm still feeling a bit 'under the weather' as they say. I never really recovered from my cold... but going camping this past weekend did not really help either. Camping was fun for the most part - if you can ignore the high wind, rain and COLD!

Our campsite all set up - after about 2 hrs struggling with the tarp to keep the rain
off of us!!

But what a wonderful sky and scenery!! Mashallah really makes you wonder and be thankful for
all we have!

So that's sort of an update...I'll try and write a bit more later on
(got a raging headache right now )

1 comment:

ammena said...

masha'allah love the scenery pics sis.. good to have you back, have to come visit soon. Take care, fi amenallah


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