My trip around the world... well kind of

This weekend we had an annual cultural festival around the west-end of the city. Basically there are different pavilions set up to portray different nationalities. So I went to Turkey, Egypt, India, Philippines, Africa, Guyana, Caribbean, Italy and Poland. Boy are my feet tired!! (well wouldn't yours be tired if you had to walk in between all these countries!!) Haha .... ok I had to try !!

Anyway I liked most of the pavilions, but they were very crowded - but it was nice to see all the different people mixing and learning about each other! So what did I take away from my visits?

Well Turkey is 'home' in a way - as my dear husband is from there, so a lot of the things were familiar. We saw folk dances which were very interesting, a belly dancer and had some great food!!

India was filled with song and dance. Very vibrant and lively, we also had some good food there!
Butter chicken and lentils and rice...mmm

Africa/Guyana was colourful and lively, so many different dances and songs, very lively pavilion! I picked up a very nice long flowly peasant type tie-dyed skirt.

Philippines was a very crowded place, tried to get some of the local food but the lines were too long. We did however see a dance they did with two poles on the ground and you had to skip between them - very interesting and difficult.

Italy & Poland was very European and had its own flavour. Poland had lively folk dances. Italy has opera singers and lively music.

Caribbean had a wonderful steel band who played beautifully and lots of fresh fruit juices to sample!

Egypt had wonderful dancers, and great vendors who were selling scarves, dresses and perfumes and as well there was a henna artist, she was amazing - mashallah - did the henna so quickly and the patterns were lovely.

All in all I had a great time - wish I could have seen more nationalities but by day two we were quite tired!! So I take away wonderful memories and hope to see these countries in reality one day!!

Oh and I have one more memory that will last for at least a few weeks


ammena said...

pretty pretty masha'allah

Purple Tulips said...


This is not a comment. I just wanted you to know that I love reading your posts and have provided a link for your blog on my page. I hope you don't mind.

I wish you Allah's blessings.


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