Ramadan Preparations - My list

Assalam alaikum & Peace

So, it's that time of year again - Ramadan. Inshallah it will be a successful one for us all! I thought I would share some of my plans of what I will be doing - or trying to do (Inshallah) this year. (They are in no particular order just as they came into my head!)

  • *Prepare food ahead of time so that I am not scrambling at the last minute
  • *Invite people to share in breaking the fast
  • *Read the whole Quran
  • *Listen to the whole Quran in arabic (downloaded it into my ipod)
  • *Try and memorize some more verses
  • *Go to Taraweeh prayers (at least once)
  • *Try and 'feel' more spiritual - not focus on the 'not eating' parts of it
  • *Give more charity and 'help' out those in need
Ok, that's quite a list for me but totally do-able, I am not really trying to do too much in the month, these
are all basic things that should be done. Inshallah, I will be able to do it and keep up for the whole month!
To be quite honnest I am 'dreading' it a bit - horrible to say that I know but it is honnest. I do tend to get
quite dizzy and I suffer from coffee withdrawl (stupid but it does affect me - but since I have been drinking
decaf it may not hit me as much). I also started a 'diet' (meaning more exercise and watching what I eat) that
I cannot really continue during this time, only because it involves exercise and I have not quite figured out
how you can exercise during fasting? As well nobody at work knows I fast (don't ask long story - nobody knows my religion) so that is always a challenge - the days feel so long. As well on the weekends it becomes a bit of a challenge as hubby and I usually go out and walk and drink coffee/tea, it has become such a habit and when we are fasting all we feel like is sitting and watching people. All I can do is pray that our fasts are accepted and we will have the strength to accomplish our goals!


ammena said...

masha'allah, insha'allah you are able to do all that you want sis :D I pray that we can break fast at some point and that you will come visit me so we can pray taraweeh at the masjid here insha'allah. As for exercise, I remember I joined a gym just before Ramadhan a few years ago and I found it fine. I suppose its something that you have to get used to on your own. Everyone recommends to get the coffee withdrawal out the way before Ramadhan!! As for walking, you can still do it just take more time and stop at a bench or a grassy area instead of a coffee shop :D insha'allah you get to feel the connection during this month to drive you through the rest of the year until next Ramadhan. That goes for all of the ummah ameen

houda said...

hey can you scan a ramadan calender for this year. i can not seem to find one.. i am in jacksonville, florida and i do not have the calender in my hands... the closest mosque is closed. thank you


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