Ramadan Diary

Assalam alaikum

I'm going to inshallah start a Ramadan Diary - I can just hear the questions...'what's that'??
Well I want to 'document' my experiences and feelings during this time, all the wonderful feelings, all the things I want to do and as well the difficulties I may encounter on the way.
I don't think I'll write everyday, as the days do sometimes all run into each other and it
becomes a bit ordinary.

So this is the first entry (I know it has not started yet but I got some 'ideas' that I wanted to post)

5 days before Ramadan
The hardest part (well one of the harder ones) is the time during lunch at work,
I get about an hour off for lunch and I have always found it the most boring
and tiresome time. I usually will go out and get some air and do some food shopping
on my lunch break then come back to the office and eat my lunch.
Well, since I cannot eat, I decided that I would find a nice quiet place and read
or listen to Quran. This will probably be inside my car, parked in an empty parking
lot - the place I work is fairly industrial and not many parks, etc.
So, Inshallah I will at least be able to get some fresh air and get some of my reading done!

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ammena said...

insha'allah you can use this time to finish your daily reading of the quran :D


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