Ramadan Day 11 - Back in the swing of things!

Assalam aliakum & peace to all

Well I'm back to fasting
(I am so glad - really I am! I felt so left out of everything)
I can say that today is a bit hard, after not fasting for a week
(and going back to drinking coffee) I am cultivating a nice headache
which I know will get worse as the day goes on. Other than that
everything has been going great - mashallah - with the readings
and praying. As for cooking I've hit a wall, its not like I don't want to
be cooking but I've run out of ideas that will last a few days (my new
strategy is to cook and have it last a few days or use the leftovers
for a 'new' meal) I think tonight I'll just have my pasta/shrimp alfredo
and for hubby I'll make something 'new' (just don't know what that is yet!

I printed off a few recipes that I want to try over the weekend!
One of them is a Brioche I got the recipe from the
Stranger in this Dunya blog - it looks so yummy and is filled
with nutella! (oh my sweeth tooth! lol) I know hubby will melt
over the nutella as well (he's a big child sometimes!)
The other is a Greek walnut cake soaked in syrup, this
recipe is from one of the posters on an Algerian woman forum
I think I'll try that one in a few weeks when I have guests coming over,
although I probably shouldn't really be making something 'new' and un-tried
when I have guests - but you know what I always end up doing just that!

So that is how my day is going - wish it were going a bit faster.
I've lost all motivation for this job that I am in but it pays the bills
and for now since I can't find anything else it will have to do - but
after 10 years at the same place, my body and mind would like to
be somewhere else!


Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum

Good luck with the brioche; it;s just like making any other bread except it gets eaten up even quicker!

Fancy going back to the coffee drinking after fasting a few days, silly, silly, silly! Insha'Allah the headache will go quickly. :)

Umm Ibrahim ( )

Aalya said...

Wa alaikum assalam

Yeah me and coffee (ugg we attached at the hip or is it the bean - sorry been a long day!)

I'm so tempted to make the brioche tonight - does it take long for it to rise and bake??

um almujahid said...

as salamu alaykum sister,

nice blog mash'Allah! :)

ammena said...

lol.. ure so funny :D masha'allah.. glad to see u have the umpf to make stuff, cause i def dont although im thinking of making some soup tonight insha'allah. As for getting back into fasting, alhamdulillah.. i wish my breaks were as short as yours :P take care, insha'allah see u soon

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Yay, a normal comment box so this should work insha'Allah...!

So the brioche turned out well I hear from your comment on my blog. :) No photos? Did it get eaten up too quickly?!

How quick was it to rise and bake? I couldn't have answered that Q even if I saw it in time as I always use my breadmachne to do the work for me and then I come back to it later when I have time basically!

Aalya said...

wa alaikum assalam

I posted pics in my new post of the Brioche and also of the soup that you had on your blog (thanks again for all the great recipes!)

The rising was about 1 1/2 hrs then it only took about half an hour to bake!

We still have some left... Hmm I think I'll go munch on some right now!

Anonymous said...

As salamu alaykum sis!

Mash'Allah the Saudi Brioche came out very well... and I guess Yammi too! :)


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