Ramadan Diary - Day 6

Assalam alaikum

Well, day 6 and my fasting is done for 1 week at least - ugg - you all know why!
I won't dwell on it too much but instead take this time to reflect and use
my time wisely - as in reading and trying to not stress about this too much.

I can say with confidence that up to now the fasting has done really
well - mashallah! I can only pray that God accepts my fasting
and gives me the strength to continue for these 30 days.

I have started to listen to the Quran on my Ipod and mashallah
it is really nice - the first part is said in arabic then in english
so I can understand more of it that way!

I have kept up with my reading as well - onto the 7th Juz today,
I have really 'read' up until now, absorbing all the words
and trying to find meaning to it. I have also started
to look up the verses and find the meanings for it, I've
always wanted to know how and when the verses were revealed.

So, that is how it is going, Inshallah I will share more of my


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