Ramadan Diary - Day 16

Assalam alaikum

Well just a quick post - I'm off to do some food shopping! Yes food
shopping during Ramadan is always fun (I usually end up with
more food then I should!) I try to avoid the stores that sell the
ready made foods - oh my the smell of roast chicken and freshly
brewed coffee!! AAHHHHH - ok I feel better now!

Hubby and I were talking yesterday about how our 'fasting' days
are going - he will ask me every time I come home 'so how was it
today?' I usually answer weakly 'its ok....' I usually feel tired when I
come home. I drive about 45km to get home, then unpack any
groceries I may have and start cooking (at least breaking fast
is late - 7:30 now - so I have more time to prepare) and by then
hubby is home so I'm totally tired! Ah well the life of a wife!
It will get more interesting when we have children (inshallah that
will happen some day) Back to my original thought - sorry went off
topic - we talked about how it really is about discipline, and trying to
restrain yourself from eating and drinking. Its funny when you don't fast
you will snack and drink whenever you want - but now we have to be
constantly aware that 'we cannot eat or drink' until a certain time of day.
It would probably be good to keep up this discipline after Ramadan, but
I know I'll fall back into my coffee habit quickly!!


Sonya said...

Nothing wrong with the odd coffee hun :)
Are you also trying for a baby? If you don't mind me asking..... x

Aalya said...

Thanks... it seems anyone I talk to doesn't like coffee!
Yes we are trying for a baby but nothing has happened yet for about 7 months :( well it is God's will, but I'm just worried that there is something wrong - well hopefully it will happen when it is supposed to!

How are you coming along?

um almujahid said...

as salamu alaykum Aalya!

Pls don't remember me about "coffee" :)) it's the only thing that I miss during Ramadhan astaghfirullah! Well yes... I LOVE coffee!!!

Have patience about pregnancy...Allah has got plans for u mash'Allah!

Where do u live sis?

Aalya said...

wa alaikum assalam um almujahid

I find that even at night after opening the fast I can't drink coffee! I guess it's good for our bodies to be without the caffeine!

Inshallah the pregnancy happens when God will's it! I have to believe in that!

I'm in Canada :) where are you at?

(if you don't mind I'll add your blog to mine?)

um almujahid said...

as salamu alaykum sis!

mash'Allah yes I'll add yours too! I live in London UK

Nice to read your posts mash'Allah!

Sonya said...

I have tips on how to get pregnant... apart from doing the obvious lol. You're on the forum right? PM me and i'll fill you in. lol.
Take care sis Xx

um almujahid said...

as salamu alaykum

sister it's just Allah that gives children, the best "tip" is to make du'a insh'Allah! :)

Umm Yusuf said...

ugh, food shopping while fasting is the worst! i come home with stuff i dont even eat sometimes LOL

inshaAllah khayr with the baby, it's in Allah's hands and may He grant you offspring when he feels the time is right! ameen!

and please check out my blog for a great sadaqah project inshaAllah! jazakAllah khayr


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