Ramadan Diary - Day 2

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Well it's day 2 - Woke up this morning and felt good, although I didn't feel
like going to work. (but that's always the case with me)
I find it the easiest time in the morning and afternoon while fasting, the
most difficult is late afternoon and up until about an hour before
breaking fast. This morning though, I have had to deal with a major
melt down of our computers, so I am having to do most things manually
which is really difficult and so time consuming!! Aggg, but there is not much
that can be done about it! So far there are no really temptations of food,
although the smell of the coffee (which I have to make) really was lovely!
I went out at lunch to go and do some grocery shopping - which is always
fun to do!! They had some roasted chickens in the oven and wow did it ever
smell so good! (blush) but I motored on with my shopping buggy and
did manage to only buy what I needed. I planned out what I will be making
tonight - its a spinach and rice mixture baked in the oven and just before
its done I will crack some eggs on top of it! I'll try and take a picture of it
if it turns our nicely! Inshallah all of you are doing well in these first few days!
I am hoping to read the 2nd Juz now, or later on in the evening!

Ok well it's later in the evening now and mashallah we have gotten
through another day of fasting. Dinner turned out ok, my spinach
rice concoction turned out a bit dry but adding a bit of yogurt made it
just right! Prayed Maghrib and will go do Isha soon. Alhamduillah
I felt much better today and not as much of a headache more of a slight
ache! I think I'll munch on some fruit and call it a night!

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