Eid Al-Adha

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Well it is almost Eid once again - mashallah time has gone by so quickly...feels like it was just Ramadan not long ago! I am debating if I should take off the 8th and try to 'celebrate' a bit. After Ramadan I was not able to take off any time and I felt 'left out' by it all a bit. So this week I got to thinking that I may just take off Monday and try to feel like it is a holiday of sorts. Being a revert I think sometimes that the Eid's are the most difficult, well one of the more difficult parts of being a convert. I feel like I don't belong anywhere, don't really know 'how' to celebrate but are expected too, and at the same time you don't have that 'special' connection and feeling that other Muslims do. Mashallah I am feeling a bit more 'celebratory' this year - but still life 'goes on as normal' the day of Eids - so it really is a struggle. Anyway, long winded answer. The only thing that is preventing me from taking the day off is two things really. First is the fact that we don't really know when Eid will fall - either the Sunday or Monday. So, if it turns out to be the Sunday I will have taken a day off for nothing and let me tell you my job is such that I will not be able to relax at home. Well, that is the second reason, my job is something that nobody else really knows (or wants) to do, so when I am away, they all feel it and I usually get called at home - so do I really want to deal with that? NO, not at all! So here I sit Friday night thinking if next week I should tell them I want a day off? I pray that I will be able to celebrate but more importantly I am praying that all our sacrifices and Dua's are accepted!


Umm Travis said...

I know what you mean.. I dont work humdullah, but Eid still doesnt feel like "my" holiday. I am stuck with my husbands family, and their traditions... and nothing feels right. Im just kinda following the crowd, and I dont really enjoy it at all. :( Ah well, humdullah - in shaa Allah it gets better for us, when we have our own traditions in shaa Allah...

Sonya said...

I am taking the day off, spending it with hubby and i am turning my phone off! Work do the same to me and ring me, they even rang when i was recently in hospital.... guess they can't do without me! lol

Aalya said...

Isn't that just the's like the office will just fall apart from that one day :(

I think I won't take the day off :( but maybe we'll invite some people over for dinner


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