When you feel down... *Edited to include description of pictures*

Assalam aliakum & Peace to all

It is amazing how a day can be crappy and your whole day turns out to be crappy as well. Today is kind of one of those days, a day when even the grass won't grow. It's cloudy, cold and we were just missed from a huge storm (turned out to be rain and wind here only) subhanallah, but some got some more snow dumped on them - inshallah all are well and safe now. It is the winter season, it is the christmas season, so in effect its a bit of a depressing time. The only thing I am really looking forward to this week is Friday, so that I can go home and try to relax a bit!! I know that I should be thankful for all the blessings in my life, and truly I am, mashallah I have a roof over my head, food on the table and a job that will keep both of those things in my life. It's just that sometimes it all gets 'too' much, I broke down a bit over the weekend and had a small sob fest (which hubby just loves) but mashallah he was ok, and not his usual "oh don't cry, I don't like crying' but instead this time he just said 'you are under a lot of pressure, but still I don't like to see you crying' mashallah it is his way of saying that it makes him sad to see me sad.
In these times, I really feel the need to turn to God and ask Him to help me to survive, to give me strength to endure and come out of it a stronger person. Always in these times, I am reminded that ' God does not give us more to endure than we are able to' - I take such comfort in that, subhanallah!

So, right now I'm counting down the hours to go home - T minus 2 hrs and counting!
I thought I would post some of my recent pictures I've taken

*Edit* To include where and why I took the pic!

Walk in a park with DH and I saw the fall leaves reflected
in a small pool of water. I boosted the colours of the image
and added a 'vignette' (black border) around it.

Went apple picking and saw this lovely apple tree
all bursting with bright red apples. Again just boosted
the colours and added a vignette.

Walk in the park and found this bee snacking on
a flower. Just boosted the colours, no other editing.

This is pic #1 of my series that I am going to do on the
'four season' This is from the back of my building, inshallah
I will take 3 more pictures, one of the tree in winter, in spring
and in the summer. There was a lot of editing to this one,
changing the colours only though and a bit of cropping, I wanted
to make it look 'old'.

Apple picking day again. My artistic apple portrait!
(yes its me holding it!) Came off the tree just like that
with the leaves and all!

Taken at sunset behind my building, boosted the colours
but that's about all I did edit wise.

I love this picture (mashallah) it was taken from my
apartment window. It is sunrise. I happen to look outside
and noticed that the moon was still high in the sky! So
I kneled down on the floor and tilted the camera upwards
hoping to get the sky and moon together! Not much editing
other than colour boost again!

Hope you enjoyed!! I'll post more pictures if people are really
interested in them :)


hijabee said...

Isn't it sad how sometimes it's Monday and all you're thinking about is Friday? That's been happening a lot to me lately. Hope you feel better inshallah. Btw,beautiful pictures :)

Hajar said...

One does seem to get up in the wrong side of the bed at times. For every crappy event, Insya'Allah something good shall turn out of it. May your days to come be filled with utmost joy, alright? ^ The photos are just amazing!

Sonya said...

The photos are gorgeous hun, you have a real talent there.
We all have those horrible days, i had one last night and cried for a bit, feeling sorry for myself. Hope you feel better soon and keep smiling :) Xx

Umm Travis said...

ma shaa Allah! your photos are amaaaaaaazing!

you didnt take those with a digital im guessing? (sniff - me want to take photos tooooooooo)

Aalya said...

Yes they are taken with a DSLR (Digital SLR) I've done some editing of them as well... a bit of colour enhancing and things like that :)

Glad you like them!

Umm Travis said...

ohhhhh excellent news for me. i thoughts everyone used those ridiculously expensive stuff. what is SLR? can i use my digital uh - 8 pixel? LOL

oh and send me an email if u like invitation to join a private t break, i looked for ur email but couldnt find :) ummtravis @

Aalya said...

SLR (single lens something.. lol) It's basically a camera that you can change the lens on...but your 8MP camera is fine... most people don't use all the settings on the camera - play around with it and you will have great shots...I also use to edit should check it out!


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