Pray for peace...

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

The world is a buzz with all that is going on in the middle east. I find it so sad and shameful that people just stand by and do nothing, well ok not everyone. Just looking a few images online is enough to make my stomach turn, and especially the pictures of wounded children. How can anyone look at them and turn a blind eye to it? I know that most people will say, 'yeah but that's over doesn't affect us' Well you know what it does, directly or indirectly it does hurt us all in the end. I mean that child has a Mother who is crying her heart out, a Father who is wounded beyond physical wounds, has a Sister or Brother who is alone now. Muslims all around the world are crying out for justice and compassion especially from countries that have Muslim majorities. The world turns a blind eye, a cold heart and walks away with their heads down. I think its time to realize that it's not just 'over there' that war affects everyone, let us remember that we are all related....we are all HUMAN! We all have blood, bones, muscles and when one is hurt we are all hurt.

May God protect us and guide us and give peace to those who are suffering.

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Ms.Unique said...

U r rite Aalya ..... if it had been any Jew or Christian there would have been an uproar rite now ..... and evry1 would have been in pursuite of THE TERRORISTS ..... and now when it's the Muslims dying it's only aggression ..... I wonder what the proper definition of a terrorist is in their mental dictionaries ... Afcourse what's going on is a terror attack and terrorisng so many innocents and when Israel is openly acknowledging itself of the terror no one wants to even lift an eyelid to warn it ..... This also reminds me of the nearing of the Day of Judgement ..... May Allah protect and help us all .... Ameen ....


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