Does God choose you or do you choose God or both?

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all...

Another re-post of an old blog - February 9th 2007 12:00 AM

Going to try to blog a bit more again...we'll see how it goes.

Just a random thought that popped into my mind at this late hour (11:44pm) so forgive the spelling and grammar errors!

So that is the question : Does God choose you or do you choose God or both?

I would like to think its both, ultimately you choose to have faith or not. I was just commenting to my mother that we cannot see God, or touch or feel God but we have faith that God is 'there ' or 'here' or whatever you may think. That knowledge is faith, it sometimes is unshakable, sometimes it lacks conviction, and even sometimes it just floats away... I tend to have it float a lot these days...but with God's help I have managed to 'catch' it again. My religious convictions take many turns and dips, but hey that's life right? Right! (says she in the middle of the night with one eye open !! ) I chose the path of Islam right now... so do I regret it ...of course not...but sometimes thoughts do float on in that say: "What exactly did I do? What is expected of me now? What will my future look like now? Does anything really have to change that much?? A whole lot of questions that I am currently looking for answers to...anyone know an 'answer store' ??
OK, so what did I exactly do? I changed religions...OK next. What is expected of me... not much it seems... just live a life where you believe in God and worship God only... OK can do that, what else? What will my future look like... Only God knows, and you know what...that is fine by me, I don't feel like 'predicting' what my life will be like because I can never know where my life will lead me, or to whom or to what situation. I will just have to roll on and deal with all that comes my way!! It seems I've answered my own questions... (wow light bulb moment I guess!!) Not really... I am still struggling with so many things in life.
God has chosen me to walk this path... All praise to God (Alhamduillah) but it is not without its trials or hardships but I have to keep reminding myself that it is also not without its joys or happiness. I thank God everyday ...that me and my family and friends are safe...I thank God that I can open my eyes in the morning and see the gray, blue or even black skies. I thank God that I have a roof over my head and heating to keep me safe and warm! I thank God for choosing me to live this life and not an others life. I choose to thank God for all of these blessings !! I believe God will help me and all those others who have chosen His way!

( A small prayer I say each night )

God please watch over all the believing people of the world
and all those people who have fallen off the path, please lead them back to the path
and for those who do not know the path, please guide them to it.



salam, i voted God chooses, yes we both choose but in the end it is God that wants you on his path. I always remember that Shaitan can deviate u from the path, but in the end if God has chosen you, u will eventually get to his path. I remember telling someone who refuses to make future plans that you can make your plans and do what you want, if God has his plan and its different you will eventually get there it will just take more time and effort, but in the end Allahu alim (God knows best) Thanks for this post sis, I like to keep in touch with how you are feeling :) Fi amenallah

A salaam alaikum. I like this post, it is a good question. I think it's both. We all know that Allah guides whom he wills, it's obvious because not everyone is blessed with this beautiful deen. Alhamdulillah God chose us, but whether we accept Allah's will is on us. So we make that choice also. Also those questions that you ask yourself are ones that I and I'm sure other Muslims ask themselves as well (especially us reverts). You know that life is a struggle in every aspect, so just because we become Muslim doesn't mean that will change. We will still have questions, obstacles, difficulties, etc. We just have have a better way to deal with them (trusting only in Allah). So take care sister and know that you are not alone in your endeavors.
P.S. Mind if I steal your prayer, or do you have copyrights on it? LOL.That is a prayer that is suffice for us all.

Wa alaikum assalam...
Thanks for the comments Ammena "but in the end if God has chosen you, u will eventually get to his path" how true that is!
Nope no copyright...unless you can copyright my just a small prayer that I thought up one night..I always struggled with the idea 'am I leaving anyone out of my prayers?' So this kind of encompasses everyone!

Assalamu alaikom,
I think ups and downs in faith are normal. I see it regularly online that a sister is feeling a low (and upset about it) and I've been there myself so I sympathize!
I think the answer is both because we have to meet God halfway. Nothing comes for free and we have to earn this, I think. And I can't remember if it's hadith or a Qur'an verse that says if we try even just a little, extend our hand just a little, God will come running into our lives. So there you go, it's "both". :)
Anyway, I hope you are doing alright and I'm glad to see you blogging again.

"I think ups and downs in faith are normal"
That is so true... just because you are Muslims does not mean you are immune to feeling up and down...none of us is perfect!

Yes. Remind yourself that none of us are perfect. Even the seemingly most pious Muslim you know has inner struggles and periods of lower or higher iman. It's completely natural.
To me, I think the best game plan is to always adhere to what you consider the basics. Stick through the low periods, try to maintain the basics at least so that you avoid that downward spiral of guilt feelings, and then when your outlook improves, you can put it behind you without any lingering guilt or bad feelings.
I say that not because I think you should feel guilty about anything, or because I think you are or are not keeping the basics of the faith, but only because I know from my own struggles and those of friends and acquaintances online, that we beat ourselves up too much about our shortcomings and that guilt often brings us even lower.


Candice said...

That's a really difficult question for me personally. I'm struggling so much to even find God, and I'm making lots of efforts (as far as I can determine) to meet God and find God, but I'm left without any real sense that He exists at least half the time.
I actually started my blog last month about these thoughts and general thoughts on Islam.
I also find it difficult to answer this question because I'm choosing to find God and I don't feel I'm getting much back... Maybe I'm asking too much to receive full conviction of God's existance, but anyway... And about God choosing, I feel bad thinking that not everyone has the same chance; that some are more priviledged.

Aalya said...

Thanks for your comment Candice ... I think it is a journey and perhaps we are not `there` yet. I truly feel that I was guided into this religion and for me that is the `presence`of God. One thing I have always kept in mind and it does give me some peace of mind is: God chooses who to guide. So knowing that we should be thankful that we are on this `path` and can only pray that others are shown the way too!

I would love to read your blog but its set to private.

Candice said...

Oh my gosh, thanks so much for telling me that! The blog itself is not private, but maybe I set my whole profile to private when I started my first blog about my family. I'm new to the blogging world. Well, no wonder only one person has ever commented on my blog. :p I will have to go fix that! I definitely don't want it to be private. Trying to figure things out, I need all the help I can get. :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum sister,
I hope you find your way. Periods of low Iman can be very destructive.
And in regard to Qadr - this is a very hard topic for many people to understand. I understand it inshaALlah but I dont know how to explain it so that people understand me.


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