Blogging is just not what it used to be... neither is humanity

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

I love blogging and I love that I get to 'meet' all kinds of different people in the world and exchange ideas, thoughts, and feelings. However what I do not like is when people feel the need to spew useless comments that have no basis in anything, rather than taking things 'with a grain of salt' they feel the need to bash someone for their thoughts or postings.
Where is all this coming from? Well I had my very first 'hateful' anonymous comment yesterday.

Welcome to the group I suppose?

I really do not understand when people do this? I would never ever go around to different blogs and pick out things I want to bash. I have seen many hateful comments and postings but what do I do? I ignore them and pray that people will have common sense and not believe everything they read. I spent a good part of last night debating whether I should or should not post the hateful comment - I have come to the conclusion that it would serve nobody any good if I did. There is already hatred in the world...why do I need to post more on my own blog?

I will however address a few key points that 'Anonymous' pointed out to me.
(question is will this person come back to read it or not?) I have to wonder if 'A' is going to read this or not or has gone off to "turn in your blog for hate speech against Westerners" - Those were the exact words in the comment.

This may sound dramatic but I was completely in shock to see something like this... I thought that my blog was a place to write down my feelings, thoughts and share them with the outside world in the hopes that we can all learn, laugh and just be 'friends'. I am utterly hurt that people can do this... in this world of hate and wars I feel as if I have lost something else - trust. I truly am on the verge of making this blog private - only because I would hate that someone is using my words and thoughts as ammunition to spread hatred. I also feel a loss that any 'new' reader will not see my blog and maybe learn from it or get some entertainment or knowledge from it.

So 'A' you have accomplished something, that is to make me lose faith in the conscience of people. Would you go up to someone in 'real' life and provoke them and say the things you said to me? No, probably not because in 'real' life you would not be anonymous, I would be able to see you face to face, would you be so brazen then? Perhaps you are, as I do not know you. But I feel sad that you have to live your life in hatred. I'm not sure what problems you have with Muslims in general but you are propagating the very thing you were so vehement about in your comment. Think about that? Your final words to me were "you make me sick" well, in all honesty I can say that I have been sickened as well, not by you personally but by the level that humanity has sunk to.

Fi amanillah (May God protect you) because that is all we really have!


Adventurous Ammena said...

Salam, Im glad you posted about this sis.. I only hope it was a one off and you dont decide to make this blog private. insha'allah

HalalHippie said...

This infidel Westerner (who may be the target of your so-called " hate speech against Westerners" ) wishes to thank you for reminding me not to feed the haters. They live on negativity, no need to waste energy on them.

Found your blog thru Drima the Sudanese Thinker. No need to visit me , I closed down long ago.



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