There is a connection between the intellectual stasis of Muslim societies...

Assalam Alaikum & Peace to all

I have been going through my old blogs and thought I would re-post some of them... to get a feel for how I think of things today and see if anyone has any new thoughts on it!
This blog is from May 3 2006 - Sadly nothing has really changed in the world since then, especially how Muslims are treated.

Found this article...(a bit long but a good read)
link :

Just one part I would like to hear comments on:

You are a strong advocate against a western perception of homogenized “Muslim world", what can be done to remove the perception?

"ASMA BARLAS: I think it’s pretty obvious that when we treat a group of people as if they are all the same, we deny them any individuality and, if on top of that, we assume that the group in question is radically different from everyone else, we demonize them as well. Doing this has often opened the door to genocide in the past. An obvious example from the last century is the Holocaust. After all, it was because they succeeded in misrepresenting the Jews as all the same that the Nazis were also able to carry out their genocide against them.
Regrettably, then, this is an old tendency in Western political discourse and you can see it at play not only in the history of Western colonialism, but also in the racism that persists in the West today. Muslims are simply its current victims. While I’m not sure that one can end this way of thinking about Others in the West, we can and should contest and challenge a worldview that presents one billion Muslims as one, big, violent beast."

I have to agree on the part that says:'
that when we treat a group of people as if they are all the same, we deny them any individuality'. We are all created differently..and to lump everyone of the same ethnic, culture, or religion is just wrong...sadly that is what is happening right now
all over the world.

Anyone have any comments on this?



Adventurous Ammena said...

hmm.. I dont agree that the holocaust was a good example of this. Yes it was a bad thing that happened, but it didnt happen because Hitler misunderstood that all jews were the same.. he didnt care if they were the same, they were Jews and that alone meant they shouldnt be alive, like Gypsies, homosexuals and blacks.. it didnt matter if they were good jews, God fearing blacks or white gypsies.
However I do agree that treating a group of people the same is bad! I hate to be put in a group, whether it be for my religion, the colour of my skin, my nationality or heritage, my educational background.. we are all individuals no matter how we come into the world!
Allahu alim

Almallena said...

Yeah hitler didnt misunderstand anything hes just didnt like them at all, for the believed the were inferior to him. But yeah I agree that is horrible to categorize a group of people as being all the same. But theres nothing we can do to change this, its on the individual person who thinks this way, they choose to be that way most of the time. They know what they are doing and feel that is easier to think this way than to get to know the people which they dont like.

They dont like this group period, so it doesnt matter on the individuals of that group, the person doesnt care if they are nice, they dont like them for one reason or another. So yeah... so I just to ignore those people.


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